Mini Biography

Reading & writing was embraced by Lloyd E.  N Bartholomew.... Was born on the 5th. of August 1938. 

​The place was the island of Wakenaam in the Essequibo River Guiana (Guyana). South America. 

​His education started at San Souci Methodist School. At the age of five. 

With both parents working, mom as a domestic and Dad a Pork knocker. Lloyd helped with the caring of his brothers; Cyrus and Richard. 

​Lloyd is a survivor. He learned to cook at about the age of eight. 

​When the Alphonsoe's sold the grocery store mom had to secure new employment. 

​Just about that Dad got ill and could not return to the Goldand Diamond fields. 

​Shortly mom secured a general servant position with rthe managed of Uitvlugt Estate in Demerara. 

​Shortly after Dad followed but the rules were married persons could not live together in the compound. Therefore dad resided a short distance away. 

​Lloyd Attended Uitvlugt Church of Scotland school. 

​Dad was a cane cutter for a few years and died in 1951. 

Shortly after mon and our step father moved to Georgetown. 

Here Lloyd attended Wray High School on Princess and Louisa Row having received a partial scholarship. 

​Mr. Pollard soon after sold the building and Mr. F.S Clarke , his deputy Principal opened Chatham High School in Regent Street. 

​Lloyd wrote  and directed a play "A mock Court" which was performed for graduation. (This play is a part of "Assimilation") 

After graduation Lloyd secured employment at National Drug Store on Lombard Street. 

​He left that job and enrolled with Messrs. Sprostons as an Engineers Fitter. 

​Poetry and short stories writing was a part of Lloyd's early education and was revived in the early 1980's​.                         

​Reading  poetry. This was encouraged by Linda Armstrong and Glenora Roland from Flint Michigan who was a community worker. 

​Performances and recitals were done at the Pearcy house. Reading plus. 

​Lloyd did a little stint as extras in a few films. 

Keep an eye out for more works from Mr. Lloyd E.N Bartholomew

Files coming soon.