Excerpt “Peaceful Contemporary Expressions”.


Standing on the threshold of greater enlightenment
Mind gazing on life’s hilltops and into its valleys, desiring to cross over
Wondering, would I find for my being fulfilment?
Or would I wander its streams and  cower?

From whence I came, a plotted path
The contributions from others or life’s journey I could not start
My journey to progress, more thresholds to cross
Give me guidance Oh Universal Consciousness when I seem lost!

Continually give guidance to my helpers
Being new on this threshold I need to learn
Continually give me guidance to help others
Together we progress and not be forlorn

OH Universal  Consciousness! We thank thee!
Your subjects, over life’s thresholds you guide!
From chaos into your embrace to be free
Travelling life’s harmonious ebbing and flowing tide
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Excerpts “Assimilation”.

The Letter: “From Assimilation”.
Dear Mavis,
Felicitations and all that jazz.
Thanks you for the really spiritually gratifying weekend. I would not have been able to live, knowing

I would miss  such an inspiring occasion.

Thanks again.
Even though the expression of the physical is a strong desire, that expression is secondary to the

sharing of the psychical.
Consequently, there is no reason to hurry sundown.
I think that the neurosis, which is normally caused by indiscretion, is not a part of our expressions.

The understanding of the need for peaceful coexistence overshadows the need for the expression

of our love for each other.
Consequently, fear not to express mutual feelings. My being cries out for the truth. I know mine and

I believe I know yours. I need to hear you say it or at least read it. You know my love for you is endless.

Deny me not the expression of  the truth to at least one of God’s children! God knows I love you. He gives

me the strength to endure the pain of its present expression. May God continue to preserve the

truth in us!

Therefore, I say to you, Mavis, may my  love for you haunt me until this  madness makes you mine.

As the Cosmos dictate!
Today is November 27th, the temperature is 29 degrees Fahrenheit. I think of you and the cold

becomes bearable.

Files coming soon.