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These books are a great addition to your Poetry and short stories Library or to start one!

​Assimilation  and Peaceful Contemporary Expressions: These books of Poetry and Short Stories encompass the contemporary expressions of Philosophy which guides one mentally to Spiritual Upliftment.
Embraces  Love, love for one’s self as well as that for all creation.
Children’s needs: Childrens nurturing are of paramount importance to future development and positive contribution to society.
Humor plays a very important role in human development.
Laughter is said to be the best medicine for what ails you.
Peace is strived for in our society but is difficult to achieve  but not impossible, this is when Spiritual values turn us from the precipice of destruction.
Inspiration in a positive direction gives the tranquility to rise above the trials of daily living.

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If Music is the food of love then Poetry is food for the Soul.
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